When faced with any sort of legal predicament can throw even the most organized person for a loop. If you have never dealt with legal matters in the past, facing them for the first time can be daunting no matter how serious the charges. With the right legal help on your side, it can give you a little more peace of mind that your case is being handled effectively, though there will always be questions to answer no matter your representation. Whether you have known your lawyer for a long time or have found legal assistance for the first time in your life there are a few top questions that you’ll want answers to. Here are the top three questions to ask the lawyer representing you.

How many similar cases have you represented?

You’ll want to know that your lawyer has experience in the kind of case you’re facing. If your legal representation has never represented someone dealing with the same issues you are, it may be a sign that you need to find a lawyer with experience in the area you’re charged in.

How long have you practiced law?

Depending on the type of charges you’re up against, this question is going to be particularly poignant. If you’re facing serious charges then having a lawyer with several years of experience can give you a much-needed advantage in legal proceedings. While years aren’t the only thing you should judge a lawyer on, it can be an indicator in certain cases.

What is the likely outcome?

This might seem like a question without an answer but any lawyer should be able to give you a reasonable answer. While no lawyer can tell you the exact outcome, most lawyers have waded through the legal system enough to have a general estimate on where the case could head.

Never be afraid to ask your lawyer any questions you have about your case of their handling of it. The lines of communication should always be open between the two of you.