Tips for Communicating with Your Lawyer

The first thing to remember while meeting with your lawyer is that you both are on the same team - the same side of the table. Once this is established as a ground rule, there is a mutual understanding of trust, a great headstart to building a rapport and added value in your attorney-client relationship. [...]

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When it comes to hiring a lawyer, it's important to ensure some few essential things are in place. It does not only save you cost, but it also assures you have the right lawyer to handle the case beforehand. With the broom of lawyers in the field today, you will want to choose the qualified [...]

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3 Steps to Take Following a Work-related Injury

On rare occasions, a work-related injury may occur when you're in the line of duty. Most workers may not be aware of the next steps they should take or the benefits they are entitled to legally in such a scenario. While employers are obligated to ensure a workers' compensation insurance coverage is in place, this [...]

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