The initial consultation fee for Family Law and Civil matters is $150.00; Criminal, Traffic and DUI, etc. Consults are 150.00. This fee is non-negotiable, and due no later than the time of the appointment. There is no consultation fee for personal injury cases.

At Mark Thomas Crossland, P.C. we have three separate payment options:

Our contingent fee is thirty-three and one-third percent (33 1/3%) of all money collected on your behalf, after expenses. This option is available for Personal Injury suits.
 Flat Fee:
The flat fee payment option is only available for preparation of Wills, Advance Medical documents, and Power of Attorney packages. For these services, you will pay a flat fee of $750.00.
A deposit-required to retain this firm-is determined at your initial consultation. The deposit amount is based upon issues raised for trial, the complexity of your case, and how many hours are required for preparation. Your deposit will be placed in an escrow account, and you will be billed at our hourly rate as the fees are earned. The hourly rate is applicable to Family, Civil, and Criminal Law cases.

Mark Thomas Crossland, P.C. accepts cash, money order, and all major credit cards; or you can pay through our LawPay site. Mark Thomas Crossland, P.C., does not accept personal checks