Legal documents such as birth certificate, tax documents, passport, Social Security documents or cards, medical documents, marriage certificates, investment records, and much more are important to keep safe. These papers, documents, or cards need to be properly stored because of just how incredibly hard these items can be – irreplaceable in time instances. Aside from being securely stored, the items should also be accessible. In times of security, emergency, or problems, your legal documents should be easily accessibly when needed immediately.

In storing your legal documents, you must consider two important factors – security and ease of access. We listed several ways to store your legal documents.

Using a Safety Deposit Box

This metal box is fireproof and can be rented from your local bank branch. You can put your legal documents here – especially the ones that are irreplaceable. The access is limited to the owner and co-owner of the box. The restriction of access is the owner and the bank only.

Your safety deposit box can only be accessed during banking hours. If you are incapacitated or too far, your family or someone related cannot access your documents even in an emergency. Bear this in mind when setting up your box and review who you give access to.

Have a Filing Cabinet at home

Much like having a safety deposit box, a filing cabinet is the home version. It is secured by the locks on the door so anyone in your home with a key can gain access. Of note – many filing cabinets aren’t water or fireproof which means damage to your home is damage to the filing cabinet. However, it can be easily accessed especially in an emergency. Whoever has a key to your door can access the documents.

A Safe at Home

This option is fireproof, bolted, and securely hidden at your home and has a lock with a key or a combination. It is both secure and can easily be accessed by someone who has a key or a combination of the lock, especially when you are unable to access the legal documents. And whenever you need to access the documents you can have it as long as you got the keys.

Online Document Storage

The cloud is slowly becoming the big thing in storing your documents. Online storage has a huge capacity where you can access anytime, anywhere through your computer or smartphone. It is protected by your username and password and even safer when you are accessing through a personal, private computer and connection. The best part of online storage is having backup for your documents from work or copies of files that you can’t do without.


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